The Brick that changed the world

The Brick that changed the world

LEGO came to revolutionize the way we play… and the way we look at bricks in buildings all around us.

This year, these toy blocks are 60 years old. They were born in Billund, Denmark in the hands of Kirk Kristiansen and since then they have awakened the imagination of millions of people. Their curious name comes from the combination of the Danish words: LES GODT which mean “to play well”.

Around 400 billion bricks of LEGOs are estimated to exist in the world; this means that there are 62 LEGOs for every person on planet earth! There are 3,500 different types of pieces, from the traditional rectangle, to windows, doors, plates for roofs and floors, squares that can be mosaics, door knobs and many more.

Even though many consider LEGOs to be a toy exclusively for children, two lines of products were made directed at the architect we all have inside: LEGO Architecture and LEGO Creator.

Thanks to these, you can build classic monuments like the Eiffel Tower, The White House, the Sydney Opera House and the Taj Mahal, plus fictitious buildings like the house from The Simpsons and Hogwarts’ Castle. Thanks to their revolutionary system, you can visit these iconic spaces at small scale and decorate your home and fill it with creativity.

There is also a set called “LEGO Architecture Studio” made specifically for people who want to experiment with innovative constructions. It includes 1200 pieces and manual with tips, techniques and creative exercises written by architectural firms around the world.

If LEGO lets your imagination run wild, Claymex makes your creations a reality, our roof tiles decorate your roofs with color; our wall bricks fit together like LEGOs and our floors are firm like the plates where you begin your builds.

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