Privacy with lattice brick

Privacy with lattice brick

Privacy with lattice brick

With the growing trend of open spaces like single story lofts or offices with an “open concept”, maintaining privacy or separating spaces clearly and seem hard. One way to bring privacy to a place without sacrificing space or making it feel smaller is to use lattice bricks.

In their most basic definition, a lattice brick is a decorative architectural element which limits visibility but still lets light and air through. It is traditionally used to close balconies and windows but like many things in the modern age, we have adapted them to emerging needs.

Lattice bricks are very versatile and can be made of different materials and in a variety of styles, according to the space that needs to be divided. Here we attempt to make a case for clay.

If it is a modern space, the natural reddish tones of the material will inject warmth into it, you can accentuate these tones using orange cushions, a rug with red and brown elements, and dark brown picture frames. Make sure to have white accents to complement the natural terracotta color and make it pop.

Thanks to its block form, you can arrange it in many fun patterns and not just in straight lines. Two patterns for the price of one: that’s what we call “versatile”. This also makes installing it easy and low cost.

You can also vary the height by just adding or removing blocks as you or your build requires.

Who said nature can’t be functional? With clay lattice bricks, you can utilize their depth to stick small potted plants which not only brings a sense of natural decoration but it also purifies the air and brings a little bit of the outside inside, just don’t forget to water them!

Here are some examples on how to use this amazing material to decorate, you can also explore all of its advantages here.