Pollution Absorbing Bricks

Pollution Absorbing Bricks

More and more we hear stories about pollution in the air, in the water, and how soil is less and less fertile. This harm to our environment is very real. It is our responsibility as inhabitants of this planet to make better decisions to revert these things.

In the construction industry great advancements are being made to be part of this eco-revolution.

Bricks that absorb pollution

For example, in the Milan 2015 Expo the “Breathe Brick” was presented. It’s a brick that absorbs pollution in the air with a built-in filtration system. It’s much like a vacuum cleaner inside the brick. It separates polluting particles and deposits them in a container at its base.

Solutions by Claymex

But we don’t have to go that far or use that high of a technology to have an eco-friendly house or build. Claymex is committed to the environment by offering many products at accessible prices that are made to the highest standards in soil, water and air protection. Working at Claymex is a guarantee that you are working for the environment.

Also, all our products are made with 100% natural clay. Solutions like Ecomuro help keep buildings at a stable temperature, avoiding excessive use of energy to heat or cool a space.

What steps do you take to make your projects eco-friendlier? We hope to be part of your solution.