What is Clay?

What is Clay?

Combining clay minerals with water can also be called “earth” or “mud”. Clay is found in different colors like grey, red, black, white or yellow. It is classified depending on its color and its use.

Material Immemorial

Because it is a natural resource, easy to find and easy to work with, it’s been used in construction for a very long time. It has been used in many forms, hand formed, in bricks or compacted, its ability to insulate thermally made it very attractive since it was discovered. In construction, we know the famous red clay brick. Think about it… surely some of the oldest buildings you know are made with this versatile material. This is due to its high resistance and low cracking. The lightness of clay (and bricks) made and makes it easy and cheap to transport and fabricate.

Other Uses

Just like gold, stone and fabric, clay was also a material through which ancient civilizations expressed themselves. Many clay artifacts have been found throughout time. Ovens, full earthenware sets, construction tools, sculptures, decorative pieces. No doubt clay is a material that helps us understand our past. In Claymex we recognize the value that this material has in our history and legacy. That is why it was and will be the ideal product for construction