3 ways to make a picture wall

3 ways to make a picture wall

We all know that decorating is the cherry on top of any excellent room. And what better way to decorate than with photographs of precious moments and memories?

You can also combine magazine clippings, book pages. You can go for a symmetrical, organized look or go crazy and arrange things by color, styles or size. Your own creativity is the limit.

But deciding how to hang them and drilling can sometimes seem like a difficult task. Here are three practical methods for filling a wall with art in an easy, fast way with not many holes.

Mock up your pictures with paper

Using newspaper, cut squares that are the exact same size as your photos and pictures, mark the spot where the picture will hang from. Remember that it won’t always be at the edge, but near the middle.

Once cut, put them on the wall using tape. This way you will have an idea of how the pictures interact with each other according to their size. Remember to alternate big and small pictures and to leave enough space between them so it doesn’t look cluttered.

Place your pictures on the ground

Imagine the floor is the wall were your pictures are to be hung. Take note of switches, TVs, windows, shelves and other elements that might be in the way. Arrange them to taste and keep track of the space between each one.

When you’ve managed to arranged them to your satisfaction, pay attention to where each picture needs to hang from before you start hammering so you don’t make any unnecessary holes.

Get carried away!

Let your creativity flow and hang them to your liking. Start from the center of the wall and work your way to the outsides, preferably start with a big one so the eye has a clear starting point. That way you make sure that the pictures get along with the wall and its space.

Remember to take good care of your wall, whether it’s bricks or any other material.