How to decorate your brick wall without drilling

How to decorate your brick wall without drilling

Shelves without a backing
Place bookshelves in front of your brick wall without the piece that would normally go in the back, as well as books, you can place objects in colors that contrast or compliment your wall. For example, you can place white or pastel objects on a red brick wall.

Just make sure that the shelves are stable and don’t put much weight on them to keep them from being unstable.

Art without frames
Pages from art books, photographs, lithographs and posters are some of the things you can place on a brick wall without the need to drill any holes. Home improvement and office supply stores sell many different types of sticky tape in many colors that you can use to place art in your walls.

Light Strings

Being small and light, you can hang these strips of light from your wall with small nails. Make a fun design, like a letter or maybe a more complicated figure, to add an interesting touch to any room. Today a variety of lights can be found from regular Christmas lights to miniature Chinese paper lamps, and many more!

Place a big mirror

Leaning a big mirror against your wall will not only make the room seem bigger but it will reflect light and fill it with light. Because it is a large piece, it can be the focal point of your room and guide the eyes of your guests. Place a big potted plant near the mirror to avoid it getting accidentally knocked over. No one wants 7 years of bad luck!

Hanging Plants

Although this involves drilling on your roof, this will help your wall look more beautiful. By hanging things in front of a brick wall you can bring depth to your space and you create contrast. A macramé net or simple wooden cubes can be the base of your plant. Having plants in your home will also help you purify the air and bring a little nature indoors.