Contemporary buildings that push bricks to the limit

Contemporary buildings that push bricks to the limit

When hearing about bricks you might thing that it is an antique, vintage material. It is of course a classic element in construction which has existed since time immemorial. However, it is not only versatile, economical and practical, it is also modern. Here are 5 contemporary buildings that demonstrate this.

Exeter Library

This is the second largest school library in the world. It actually holds 160,000 books although its nine floors have capacity for 250,000. It was designed by Louis Kahn in 1965 and its formed by three concentric circles.

NRW State Archive

North Rhine-Westphalia is a region in the north of Germany. This state building is known not only for being 70 meters tall, but also for having no windows at all. The building was originally only the lower sections. When construction finishes, it will be the largest archive of the country with 148 kilometers of shelves.

Termeh Office

Proof that brick is more that smooth, straight constructions. The curve at the entrance is not only decorative but it’s part of the entrance stairs. This building serves two functions: commercial premises on the lower floor and private offices above. It is completely white on the inside, which contrasts incredibly with its exterior.

Caixa Forum

This cultural center is clearly divided into two: the lower part is made entirely of bricks and the top part is made with sheet metal that has apparently rusted. Opened in 2008, it was integrated into the Triangle of Art in the Paseo del Prado in Madrid.

Hilversum Town Hall

It was designed by Marinus Dudok to be the site of the municipal council in Hilversum in the Netherlands. Although it was built in 1930, it looks very modern and its recognized as one of the most influential buildings of its time. Its unusual yellow distinguishes it from the rest of this list’s buildings.