ABCs of modern bar decor

ABCs of modern bar decor

Recently, a new trend emerged in bars and restaurants. If a place wants to be in fashion, it needs to fulfill certain interior design criteria.

Goodbye cold

LED lights, cool colors and plastics are a thing of the past. Customers now want warmth, and the materials perfect for this look are metal, wood and of course, clay bricks.

Metal chairs and tables with leather upholstery, Thick natural wood bars with little or no finishing and exposed brick walls are the look of the new modern bar.

Look better

As well as these things, illumination has become a true protagonist, warm light with bulbs with visible filaments and custom-made installations according to the style of the place are elements which are definitely a staple of any restaurant designed after 2015.

Unique touch

Going “hunting” for decorative elements that are unique like old signs, lamps, different chairs and metallic tables, or even old bikes and cages, they can all make any place stand out.

The key to success

Of course, the success of a place doesn’t hinge only on its interior design, but also a good menu and attractive vibe. However following trends and being “in” can’t hurt.

These kinds of design trends confirm that materials like clay bricks, no matter how many years go by, will remain in fashion for a long time.

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