5 tips for storage in small spaces

5 tips for storage in small spaces

Even though the best method to avoid a mess is to have only the things you really need, as human beings, it’s hard not to accumulate some extra stuff. In small spaces it is particularly important to use every square centimeter of available space to keep things in order and nicely distributed.

Here are 5 tips to harness your space to the max.

Give life to dead spots

Under your bed and chairs there might only dust, these centimeters of space can make all the difference in a reduced space. Worried about costs? It’s not necessary anymore to make custom drawers because…

Worried about looks? Today there are many options for storage in different materials, colors and sizes.

Organize those drawers

Drawers can be like black holes where things get lost, how can you solve this problem? With divisions. We normally use these for kitchen tools and cutlery but we can also use them in our clothing drawers, toolboxes, office or bathroom. The joy of opening a drawer and knowing exactly where everything is beyond compare.

Frame your doors

Putting shelves over your doors adds storage space in a place that usually goes unused. This is especially useful if you have many books, films, games or any media. You can even put small thin shelves at the sides of the door frame and place candles, picture frames or other small decorative objects.

Go high

If the problem is floor space, use the sky! Put shelves up high to use all the walls in your space. But don’t forget to add space for a ladder in front of your storage and that getting to it is a safe operation.

Custom made for you

If your space has an irregular architecture, use storage which adapts to it. That spot under your stars doesn’t have to be empty of collecting dust: you can place custom shelves or wooden boxes in different sizes. For slanted roofs, there are shelves with adjustable heights that you can move according to your needs.

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