Smart Homes

Smart Homes

Can you believe that we used to be amazed at automatic doors? It seemed like magic how they opened as we approached them. The internet used to be a totally abstract concept that few could use. Who would have thought that one day we could request a taxi or get food delivered via an app?

But technology, innovation and connectivity are not only limited to big corporate ultra modern buildings. Now with the growing use of smartphones, the internet and cutting-edge technology, every home can become a smart home.

What is a smart home?

This term, which became popular at the beginning of the 2000s with innovations and growth brought by the use of the internet, refers to homes with interconnected technology that can be controlled through a smartphone or a computer.

Intelligent technology trends strive to meet three goals: energy efficiency, security and convenience. Here are some innovative products which contribute to each of those areas.

Energy Efficiency


One of the big expenses every home presents revolves around temperature control. Smart thermostats regulate this factor for us and also allows us to do so from anywhere we are connected to the internet. These devices can also learn from the habits of their users and automatically program when the AC and heating switches on or off, as required.


We are slowly leaving traditional keys behind, this is evident in some cars where keys no longer need to be inserted anywhere in order to start the engine, but only require the push of a button. The same thing is happening in homes: main doors are more often being secured with digital passwords instead of traditional “analog” locks.

Surveillance Cameras

Even though video cameras are hardly cutting edge technology, the fact that they connect to the internet and allow us to see what they seem from anywhere we are. Looking at tapes is a thing of the past, now the footage is stored in the cloud. You could say that cameras used to be a reactive measure and not a preventive one, before you could only see what had happened and not what is happening in real time, like today.


Personal Assistants

From the weather, to supermarket lists, turning lights on or off, personal assistants can do practically everything. With a simple command like “Alexa” or “Ok Google”, these devices can give us any information we could want (as long as it is online), calling people and program an appointment in our calendar, turning off the air conditioning or record our favorite tv show.


Smart TVs are already feeling like a thing of the past. But not long-ago transmitting content from our phones to our televisions without the use of cables and connecting it to the internet was a completely unknown concept and having apps like netflix, youtube and more seemed like science fiction.

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