Roof Tiles for all tastes

Roof Tiles for all tastes

Although it may seem that the tiles are all the same and that choosing tiles for your house means that it will look like all buildings made with this material, it is not. The variety of colors, shapes and sizes that this material has is impressive, and literally for everyone. Do you want to know all this variety? Sight:

Dark tones. If you want to give your home a more sober look, dark tones are your best option. In Claymex we have different types: Nuevo Vallarta tile: does not require maintenance and its shape is more sophisticated.

Greek tile: you will love the tundra tone of this tile, plus the design is more conventional, the finish is smooth and the perfect size for medium and large terraces.

Light tiles. If you are looking for an architectural design with the perfect combination of quality and price, you will definitely love Danish tiles in Casa Blanca and Woodlands tones. If you feel more innovative, you can choose models with two-color tiles, one light and one dark, such as Canyon Red or Chipinque.

Flat tiles. Flat tiles are ideal for minimalist facades and for homeowners who want to spend little time cleaning and maintaining this material. Find among our options tiles that resemble stone or wood with a wide variety of colors, choose the one you like the most!

Enameled tiles. These types of tiles are very practical, since due to their enamel they have less moisture absorption and also offer very intense colors due to their coating. At Mechanized Brickwork we have several colors that adapt to any construction idea you have for your home.

When it comes to tiles and designs, there are no limits! Check our page here and discover which is your ideal tile to make your home a cozy place.