5 tips for storage in small spaces

Even though the best method to avoid a mess is to have only the things you really need, as human beings, it's hard not to accumulate some extra stuff. In small spaces it is particularly important to use every square centimeter of available space to

How to decorate your brick wall without drilling

Shelves without a backingPlace bookshelves in front of your brick wall without the piece that would normally go in the back, as well as books, you can place objects in colors that contrast or compliment your wall. For example, you can place white or pastel

3 ways to make a picture wall

We all know that decorating is the cherry on top of any excellent room. And what better way to decorate than with photographs of precious moments and memories? You can also combine magazine clippings, book pages. You can go for a symmetrical, organized look or go crazy and arrange

What is Clay?

Combining clay minerals with water can also be called “earth” or “mud”. Clay is found in different colors like grey, red, black, white or yellow. It is classified depending on its color and its use. Material Immemorial Because it is a natural resource, easy to find and

The most beautiful libraries in the world

Although the object of reading is to travel to other worlds using our imagination, doing it in a particularly impressive space is another way for us to get inspired. Libraries can be more than buildings for books. Here we have 10 of the most beautiful libraries around the world.

5 reasons to have art in your home

We spend on average one third of our lives at home. Why not decorate it to make us happier? Here are 5 reasons to decorate your home with art. Express yourself Without needing any words, we can communicate our personality to others with works of art. By

Pollution Absorbing Bricks

More and more we hear stories about pollution in the air, in the water, and how soil is less and less fertile. This harm to our environment is very real. It is our responsibility as inhabitants of this planet to make better decisions to revert

Privacy with lattice brick

Privacy with lattice brick With the growing trend of open spaces like single story lofts or offices with an “open concept”, maintaining privacy or separating spaces clearly and seem hard. One way to bring privacy to a place without sacrificing space or making it feel smaller is to use

The most beautiful roofs in the world

Do you often find yourself looking up? Normally when visiting a place, we focus on their walls, doors, windows, elements that are usually at eye-level. However, there are places like the ones in this list that will have you looking up.