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Tradition for every corner of your home

Clay floors are not only a beautiful decoration for your construction, but they also keep among their materials stories from hundreds of years ago that take us back to our ancestors and their traditions. With the passage of time, the methods for making these clay floors have improved remarkably

Roof Tiles for all tastes

Although it may seem that the tiles are all the same and that choosing tiles for your house means that it will look like all buildings made with this material, it is not. The variety of colors, shapes and sizes that this material has is

Building with tiles is always in fashion

The facade of your house is a reflection of what is inside: how it looks, the people who inhabit it and what you live there. One of the styles that is always in force is the use of tile, do you want to know why? Watch this: Highlight your

Smart Homes

Can you believe that we used to be amazed at automatic doors? It seemed like magic how they opened as we approached them. The internet used to be a totally abstract concept that few could use. Who would have thought that one day we could

History of roof tiles

Have you ever wondered where roof tiles originated? How they became a staple of architecture? Egypt: Where it all began Straw, sticks and leaves were the main materials ancient civilizations originally used for their roofs. But the mesopotamic civilizations which settled around the rivers Tigris and Eufrates

Inclusive Architecture

Include: from Latin includere. To make part of a whole or set. Architecture can too be an instrument for equality. This word encompasses not only persons with physical disabilities, but also the elderly, pregnant women, families, pedestrians and so on. Recent architectonic trends show more and more

ABCs of modern bar decor

Recently, a new trend emerged in bars and restaurants. If a place wants to be in fashion, it needs to fulfill certain interior design criteria. Goodbye cold LED lights, cool colors and plastics are a thing of the past. Customers now want warmth, and the materials perfect for this

Why do buildings in Amsterdam lean forward?

If you ever visited this old colonial city and thought you saw the buildings tipping forward, it’s not your imagination. Indeed, the houses in this European city are slightly (sometimes very) tipped forward.This is due to a very obvious logistical reason. Tall and Narrow To get deeper